You’re not listening anyway! Ever heard or thought this before?


“Every conversation starts with a misunderstanding” is a widespread fundamental knowledge of communication researchers. How can something this easy be so difficult? One could assume that essential areas of our brain have not yet reached the 21st century. So the dilemma begins due to communication being always role-based. As parents, we use a different form of communication as in our manager position and a customer communicates differently than a salesman. These scenarios could go on and on. The essential fundament for communication is that it always has a purpose and therefore a specific goal. Of course, this can easily lead to controversy, which increases the risk of a misconception. Humans are selective perceptors, therefore, goal-orientated and conflict-free communications mean that we have to actively change our perception rather than persuading someone.


Communication is not an in itself purpose but rather a catalyzer for success.


Do we grant evolution a little more time? There are well-proven solutions for this concern. Fortunately, through imaging methods and modern behavioral research, we know a lot about the interdependencies of communication. A conscious impulse with the intention to change behavior can show significant effects on our self. Models – findings and techniques are formed into one unit in this training module. Practical, precise, systematic.


And it’s fun too. It inspires us and gives us control. It makes us what we are: Human beings.


Target Group


■ Employees who want to know more about the interdependencies of successful communication.

■ Employees who want to obtain more by doing less.

■ Leaders who have a mindset of helping rather than pressuring.

■ People for whom motivation, success and humanity are a triad.




KT Communication-Training (Level 1-5)


KK Communication and cooperation training
working effectively between and within Divisions and departments


PRK Presentation rhetorics and kinesics (Level 1-4)
eloquence and body language


MT Moderation Training



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Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.