Custom Programs

Each task has its own requirements


Besides basic tasks the sales department or in leadership positions there are special situations that that require a specific approach. Based on an elaborate requirement analysis we compose an individual training program, specifically designed for your needs.  The basic pillars for these areas are Knowledge – Knowhow – Willingness. For the results, it is important to solve the task and not “how it could be done”. For this substantial experiences, learning psychological simulations, cognitive scenarios and motivation strategies are needed.


“Learning workshop” instead of lectures.


The knowledge and the experiences of the participants are combined with modern methods of brain and behavioral research as well as techniques and tools evaluated from the field. These training programs are methodically designed behavioral training in which each participant takes part in the realization process. Accordingly, the demands on the will to perform are set high and are adapted to the requirements of the participants. Every participant has their own strength, which is ought to be activated for a specific task. In order to achieve this, the participant is strongly challenged, because only in this way they can also recognize the range of their own personal capabilities.


Target Group


■ Employees facing special market or leadership situations. 

■ Employees that want to exceed the norm.

■ Organizations facing particular or special tasks. 

■ People and organizations who view continuous and further development not only as an incentive but also as an imperative.




ST special training for various areas
Internal service, technology, sales, management etc.


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Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.