Management and Leadership

What is our current situation?


By definition leadership is the art to enthuse other people for your goals, taking them with you on the journey, having a controlling and trend-setting effect on own and external actions to reach all set goals. In theory, that is.


However, in the last decade, several independent studies that analyze the impact of leadership came to the following conclusion: Leadership can be a potential “production-killer”. In 2017 (based on the Gallup study) the actual loss of productivity through inappropriate leadership was numbered at 105 Billion EUR annually. This is critical and taking the demographic changes and Industry 4.0 into account the consequences will not be added but exponentiated.


What can we improve?


Management or leadership are trivial? Not at all! Based on our experience 90% of all leaders strive to be a good and efficient “boss” and yet the measured results of the last decade are still unsatisfactory. Leading people is admittedly one of the most challenging tasks in a professional context. A mix of various competencies which significantly differ from other occupational fields is required. Constant self-reflection and self-improvement are fundamental. Methodological competencies and the willingness of implementing these, focusing on the potential improvement of the organization accompanied by a clear understanding of values are critical to achieving what we want – which is being a great leader.


Target Group


■ Leaders that show the willingness to conceptually work on themselves.

■ Employees that are to be prepared for a leadership role.

■ Employees that want to be viewed as a boosting factor for their own company.




FT Leadership-Training


TMT Management Training


MG Train the Manager for Trainer

A great leader will receive tools to execute do the training on-the-job as well as off-the-job.


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Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.