Passion as a Tool

This is how conviction turns into motivation, and obligation turns into passion:


Each of our trainers has completed a multi-level training program at the IWP after an impressive career. Only the mistake already made, the rocky road to self-improvement and the resulting professional experience, in conjunction with a multi-award winning concept, turn ideas into a working concept for success.

We believe in the market.

Every economic cycle provides its own opportunities.
The assignment is to discover and to actively embrace these opportunities, make consequent use of them and at the same time also put well-tried methods to the test.

We believe in competition.

Measuring ourselves against the best a branch has to offer leads to innovations.
Competition drives us to make constant advancements in processes, products and services.
Competition unleashes creativity.

We believe in quality.

Only specialist know-how and professional communication in sales and management duties lead to success.
Success implies hard, consequential work because success is not something that merely happens, it is planned.

We believe in your employees.

We are convinced that the will to succeed already exists in your employees and in your enterprise.
We, as the catalyser and “the supplier of know-how”, will make sure that all available potential is released.

Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.