The History of the IWP

Peter R. Volke founded the Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik in 1980.
His long years of management activity with a high-tech corporation provided him with the right basis for systemising his ideas and converting them into a methodically arranged performance programme.


Thanks to his work, the IWP is one of the premium providers of highly effective sales, management and communication training courses on the market today. As the strategic guiding force, he handed over the organisation to the trainer and entrepreneur Rainer H. Bielinski at the right point in time.


Rainer H. Bielinski had worked closely with Peter R. Volke for many years as a partner in the IWP. Today more than 20 trainers work with and for the IWP.
Peter R. Volke has always remained a „front liner“. He continues to support the Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik in the role of experienced trainer, advisor and coach.


Founding of the Institute for Business Education in Munich.


The first trainers join the team led by the founder.


First major project in the telecommunications industry.


A new generation of trainers strengthens the team, among them is one of the future owners.


Execution of several large-scale projects in the IT sector.


The institute moves its headquarters to the Ruhr area as part of a new shareholder structure with a specialized administration team of 5 employees. Here a country-wide IWP team of over 25 trainers is managed.


is the start for the internationalization with IWP-Team Austria, IWP-Team Swiss, and IWP-Team France.


IWP receives the International German Training Award in Bronze for a national project.


After four years of development, IWP publishes a basic management program: The Magellan Principle.


IWP again receives the International German Training Award in Bronze; this time for an international project.


IWP introduces its 3 Pillar Model as part of AGENDA 2015, once again setting standards in the field of customer orientation.


IWP is awarded the International German Training Prize in bronze for the third time. There has never been a triple award winner before! The international jury of experts considers the IWP to be one of the most valuable training specialists for years.


IWP develops a modern blended learning tool with the SALES app.


IWP lays the foundation for an extensive digitization program.


Another e-learning tool is launched with the AKQUISE app.

Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.