Project Management

The added contribution of behavioral competence to the success of a project.


More and more tasks are being solved in projects. Experts from many departments and hierarchical levels have to depend on finding a solution together, not uncommonly under time pressure. The standards for project managers are high – especially regarding the management of project-portfolios (the totality of projects in a company). Projects managers are in great need of not only technical and methodological skills but also psychological competences. Many companies, therefore, recognized the high importance of the preparation for their project managers. Professions in the field of project managers are increasingly established as an alternative career option. Nowadays, working together in project teams is part of our reality. More than just methods are an essential prerequisite and belong to the competence profile of a successful project manager. In addition to technical and methodological skills, project managers also need competencies in the area of behavior and in context analysis.


How do we achieve these competences?


Project managers will learn the importance of behavioral competence in the “Project Management Competence Model” for project success. Influencing your communication partners will be taught with a practical orientation through the conscious use of impact factors, language patterns and goal-oriented discussion techniques. The fundament for this knowledge are the backgrounds of the human brain structure and behavior.


Target Group


■ Employees who want to grow into the activity of a project manager.
■ Project managers who want to do the next important step for their career.
■ Organizations which view successful project management as a strategic factor.
■ People and organizations who recognize that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.




VPM Behavioral competences in projects

FIP Leadership in projects


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