The purchasing department has an easy task, they only have to purchase after all, right?


Over the years only a very small amount of business units have changed as much as the purchasing department. The employees of these organizational departments operate in areas of conflict between procurement, purchasing and supply-chain management. In addition to that, they have to cope with strategic cooperation, safeguarding resources, quality assessment and digitalization. Thus, they remain with a task that needs to provide cost-efficiency, high agility, top quality paired with low prices added to the factors of securability and scalability and all within a market environment of increasing supplier concentration. This is far from being easy.



How do we manage this?

As a purchaser, we function as a communication hub between our own company and the market, as a strategic analyst, tacticians, negotiation-psychologist and motivator. Therefore, the areas of training are well-defined. As a moderator of processes with well-defined goals, one is obligated to have a high level of organization and a keen eye for potential and dead ends in regard to success and economic sustainability. Due to this, the negotiation psychology is a major part of the training process. Tools and method-competence-modules complement this spectrum. The training in these areas has a clear goal: Defining and organizing the purchase success based on a clearly defined requirement catalogue. Respected as a resolute negotiator, empathetic, foresightful and creative.


Target Group


■ Purchasers that want more than just procure.

■ Purchasers that value equal footing in a negotiation.

■ Employees that want to evolve into a purchasing position.

■ People who see value creation and appreciation as two sides of one coin.




SET From clerk to purchaser

PET Pro-Purchaser-Trainings (Level 1-5)


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Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.