Imagine this …


… you are able to produce/offer products/services of which you know with certainty that they are needed because they show a great backlog demand growth need.

Welcome to the 1960s/70s.


… you are able to produce/offer products/services of which you know with certainty that they are needed and only a few other competitors can provide these as well.

Welcome to the 1980s/90s.


… you are able to produce/offer products/services with the highest quality which are produced at optimal conditions. The market is also in great need of these products/services. However, every customer is able to satisfy their needs with at least ten other suppliers that either have the same or very comparable quality.

Welcome to today’s reality of sales.


Persuading just won’t do the job.


Customers buy based on their reasons, not based on ours. Modern sales provide its customers with additional value and prioritize the customer’s wishes and motives. This goes far beyond a simple benefit argumentation. Through the help of a systematic sales model and the conclusions of the modern brain and behavioural research, we are able to exceed our sale performances. This also includes the constant willingness to adjust to the current market situation. Because those who do not execute this mindset within the market will be executed by the market.


Training-to-go: Next Level e-learning


The modules mainly consist of face-to-face training but will be complemented by our “digital expert”. Through this, you will have a direct access to all the relevant product topics and customer-relevant arguments to ensure your client the best consultancy possible while increasing your performance at the same time. No matter where, no matter when, no matter who. Customer and sales know-how “at your fingertips”. Latest research significantly indicates that the trainings-productivity is again increased by 10% through the IWP-Sales-App


Target Group


■ Salesmen that are looking for success and are actively using every chance to be one step ahead

■ Salesmen that do not view their Job as a source of income but as a profession. 

■ People that are motivated enough to develop into one of the most interesting business areas out there– sales.




PVT Pro-Sales-Trainings (Level 1-8)


VI Internal Sales (Level 1-8)
Direct sales
Sales via trade, works representatives


TTK Telephone-Trainings
customer service (Level 1-5)


PAKT Pro-Acquisition-Training
From acquisition to closure (Level 1-6)

VRK Sales-Rhetoric and kinesics

(eloquence and body language)


HV The „difficult“ sales pitch


EPA Success strategies for price- and closure conversation

MVV exhibition, behavior and sales techniques


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Passion as a tool

The one who works will achieve his goals.

The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.