Do you have a clearly defined task for improving individual skills? Our modules are the right thing for you! Successful, reliable and precise.
Management and Leadership

Achieving goals. Shaping change. Detecting and fostering potential.


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Persuasion is history! Selling means actively controlling the process and putting the customer at the center of all actions.


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Successful purchasing means thinking in a network, acting systematically and shaping options. An extraordinarily dynamic process.


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New customers only harm those who have none.


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Every communication starts with a misunderstanding. The psychology of messages and the conscious use of the effect.


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Work Methodology

Not more! Rather efficient, effective, meaningful and goal-oriented!


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We always act, no matter how! 70% of our behaviour is unconscious imitation. Recognize, control and transform behaviour.


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Project Management

Behavioral competence and goal-oriented interview techniques are essential prerequisites for a successful project manager’s competence profile.


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Do you want to strengthen your organization comprehensively and sustainably? Your industry, your products or your market environment are complex? Our systematically designed programs are the right tool for you! Custom-made and optimized for your situation.
The Magellan Principle


The Magellan Principle is a self-contained training concept for managers and junior executives. It distinguishes precisely between the tasks of a leader and the tool-categories required to perform the task.


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Custom Programs


Besides basic tasks the sales department or in leadership positions there are special situations that that require a specific approach. Based on an elaborate requirement analysis we compose an individual training program, specifically designed for your needs.


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Speakers, keynote-speakers for lectures, presentations, moderations and panel discussions in various industries, companies and organisations.


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