New customers only harm those who have none.


Please ask yourself the following question: In the next 30 minutes you are given the chance to call a contact person of your core customers or you have to fight your way through the front desks to engage a person you are unfamiliar with? If your basic instinct tells you to rather engage the client you know, you are a good associate. 92% of all salesmen have this reflex and there are reasonable justifications for this. And we take them very seriously.

However, the remaining truth is that missing out new customers can hurt your business. The question is not if it will hurt but when.



The customer acquisition (cold-acquisition) is a challenge and solution at the same time

The work starts before the actual training. In a face-to-face dialogue, we will discuss the advantage and utility of your products and services, distribution resources as well as the market environment. Building upon this, we develop a 4-stage-plan up to the initial contact with your potential clients. This is our acquisition technique in a nutshell. Our second pillar of success is the mental strengthening of the distribution. Coping with failures, rejection, tight time resources, pressure and unavailability require a high degree of resilience and inner balance. Due to this, the psychology of self-worth, self-motivation and one’s own mental care are the foundation for our acquisition techniques and success. Does this sound like hard work? Because it sure is. Maybe this is one of the reasons why people smile the most during this module and show a lot of pride. One thing is always confirmed repeatedly: Nothing drives our motivation like success.


What about after the training?

Through the use of our “Blended-Learning-Tool” and the Acquisition-App, we are able to accompany your team even after the training. Your Team will be supported through reading and refreshing all critical information at a glance before an important client appointment.

What are the key points for important products? How am I able to build an emotional bridge and arouse the client’s interest at the beginning of a conversation? What is important for the final phase? Which objections do I have to expect on the way to closing the deal? Only those who are personally and argumentatively convincing prevail positively in the acquisition process.


Target Group


■ Salesmen who want to ensure an advantage throughout the acquisition process.

■ Salesmen who want to effectively use their tight time resources.

■ Employees that want to evolve into a sale function.

People that are ready to leave their comfort zone.




PAKT Pro-Acquisition-Trainings
From acquisition to closure (Level 1-6)



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