The “human being” and his behavior make the difference


Behavioural and communication strategies are the link between business administration and technology, corporate functions and areas, cross-hierarchical project teams and centre-of-excellences, wherever people are in focus. Thus, behavioural competence not only contributes significantly to entrepreneurial success but also reflects the value system of an organization. Knowledge from behavioural psychology, e.g. about the processes taking place in individuals and groups, can be used in economic contexts and should be integrated into business-related action. Thus offered products, services and processes can be improved.


Target Group


■ Employees who want to reduce tension through positively assessed behavior.

■ Employees who see themselves as a key factor for entrepreneurial success.

■ Corporations that also want to be the best when it comes to the field of “human factors”.

■ People and corporations that want to generate added value.




SC Special Coaching


SAT secretaries/assistants training
Internal communication and telephone techniques


TAK Technician Field Service (Levels 1-8)
Customer service and sales


TT Train the Trainer


VPM Behavioral Competence in Projects


FIP Leading in projects


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The one who is enthusiastic will exceed them.